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          The Story Behind Huthmaker Violins

                     and Our Awesome Staff

     Huthmaker Violins started at a workbench in our laundry room in 1989. Buddy Huthmaker was the sole owner-employee-luthier. One afternoon, after finding every inch of the livingroom filled with 'celli and basses for repairs, Dixie insisted that a "real" shop be opened.

     Now there were two Huthmakers in a 600 foot storefront. Repairs, instruments, bows, rentals and accessories. It was the beginning of a new passion..

     In 1994, we dragged Anna into our web. "I'll give you one year of my life." she said (twenty-plus years ago). As our "Bow Queen," low strings expert and manager, she became the final piece in the Huthmaker puzzle which fitted together perfectly.

     In the years that have followed, we've studied instrument and bow restoration, traveled all over Europe, met and worked with gifted makers, admired countless instruments and bows, held international exhibits and engaged with thousands of wonderful customers.

     We've grown from 600 square feet to 2800 to 4800 and now we reside in the historic 1880 Rhodes Hotel with eight fireplaces, seven bedrooms, three parlors, wrap around porches, a carriage house and the largest magnolia tree in Georgia. Once upon a time, Margaret Mitchell loved to spend weekends here.

     A very valuable part of Huthmaker Violins is the staff members who help us stay on course. Luthiers, Rental Managers, and Director of First Impressions--they are awesome additions to the Huthmaker Tribe. Weekly staff meetings may feature bow/violin identification lessons, new repair techniques, upcoming shop event information, Easter egg hunts and food.  If you would like to learn a little bit more, click here

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