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  • How much is this going to cost me?
    When you start renting an instrument from Huthmaker Violins, your initial cost is for two months of rent. That includes the instrument, bow, case and rosin. For a list of prices, click here
  • What do I need to rent an instrument?
    You will need to fill out a rental contract, either on-line or in the shop. You need a driver’s license, a credit card and payment for the first two months.
  • What does the rental come with?
    All rentals include the instrument, a case, a bow and a cake of rosin
  • What else will my child need?
    Most schools require other accessories to participate in the program at school. Some items that you can expect to purchase are an instruction book, a shoulder rest (violin and viola) and/or a rock stop (‘celli and bass). Other programs also ask for a folding music stand and extra strings The Gwinnett county standard list can be found here
  • How long is the rental period?
    The required initial rental period is two months. After the initial two months, the contract becomes month to month. a) Rent Only contract can go indefinitely until the instrument is returned. b) Rent to Purchase contract goes until the instrument listed on the contract is paid in full.
  • What does the Maintenance Cover?
    All instruments come with full damage coverage, or what we call Prime Maintenance. We often refer to it as ‘bumper to bumper’ coverage. It covers the entire cost of the instrument for damage and theft* (*theft requires a police report filed within seven days of theft). Instruments are also covered for broken strings. What is NOT covered under maintenance? Full sets of replacement strings are not covered and loss of the instrument are not covered. For more details, go here.
  • Where are your rental instruments made?
    All our instruments are made in Europe- Germany, Romania or Czechoslovakia
  • What kind of bow comes with the instrument?
    All rentals come with a Glasser fiberglass bow strung with horse hair.
  • Who does the repairs at Huthmaker Violins? Are they done on the premesis?
    All our repairs are done in-house by our world-class luthier staff. We have five full-time luthiers, each with multiple degrees and certifications in instrument and bow repair, restoration and making.
  • Are broken strings covered by Maintenance?
    Single broken strings are covered by our Prime Maintenance plan, and installation and adjustment are always covered. If you have a broken string, come in the shop and we will install the string as well as adjust and tune the instrument for you. All will be done while you wait. Full sets of replacement strings are recommended once a year and that is not covered by our Maintenance Plan.
  • How much of my rent applies towards purchase?
    If you are doing a Rent to Purchase contract, 100% of your rental fee goes towards purchase If you are doing a Rent Only contract, none of your rental fees apply towards purchase For more information on the two programs, go here
  • Do you charge any set-up, origination or initial fees with a new rental? Any interest?"
    We do not charge any extra or add-on fees. Your monthly price is made up of rent, maintenance fee and tax. To see a breakdown of the rental prices, click here
  • What happens when my child needs a larger instrument?
    You come in and we move them up a size! Any credit you have accrued just follows you to the next size
  • Is there a time limit to my rental, or a time when I am required to purchase it?"
    On a Rent Only contract, you can rent for as long as you like with no other requirement On a Rent to Purchase contract, you can rent for as long as it takes for your credit to equal the purchase price of the instrument. When that price is reached, the instrument yiou are renting is automatically yours.
  • Where can I get private lessons for my child?
    Huthmaker Violins has a list of private music instructors that we recommend. Call or email us anytime for a copy. Also be aware that many teachers will teach virtually, if you like.
  • Can someone in the store tune my instrument or do minor repairs while I wait?
    Every staff member at Huthmaker Violins can tune your instrument while you wait, and there is never a charge for the service. Check out our staff here.
  • Can someone in the shop play my instrument for me?
    We are proud to say that every person that works at Huthmaker Violins is an accomplished musician. Among the owners and staff, you will find -six university music degrees including two in music education -60+ years of music education in the schools -80+ years of private music instruction -and over 100 years of performance experience.
  • Am I getting a new or used instrument?
    Our rental program frequently includes both new and used instruments and our policy is to always rent out the very best instrument in the store. Instruments smaller than adult size are more likely to be previously rented out. However, our entire rental inventory is kept to the highest standard of quality, both in terms of sound and appearance.
  • How do I know what size my child needs?
    Often, your child will be sized in school by the teacher. However, we are always happy to size them for you when you visit the shop. If you are renting online, visit our page on Sizing Your Child to make sure that they have the appropriate size
  • How long will my child stay on this size?
    Every child grows at different rates. However, generally speaking, kids will spend a year to a year and a half on a size before moving up.
  • Can I take the instrument to another shop for repair?
    Huthmaker Violins does not allow its instruments to be repaired by any other shops. Doing so invalidates your contract.
  • If I rent on-line, how will I get the instrument?"
    All on-line rentals will be available for pick up at our shop, saving you the time and inconvenience of waiting in line and filling out all the paperwork.
  • My student will be doing digital learning this semester. Will they need an instrument?
    Yes! the orchestra directors are providing a wonderful curriculum for digital students, but they will be required to have an instrument to take part in the assignments. To enhance your childs music education, we have created a series of educational videos that will help as well. You can find them on our You Tube Channel
  • How can I get my instrument delivered?
    We have a service that brings the instrument, and any accessories that you purchase, straight to you. It can often be done on the same day that you rent the instrument. Delivery within a radius is free of charge during rental season (August through September). Outside of that time, there is a fee for the service that is determined by the size of the instrument and the distance you are from Huthmaker Violins. Most delivery is around $20. If you choose to have your rental delivered, we will contact you to make arrangements for time and location of delivery. In addition, we have created several videos to help you and your child familiarize yourselves with your new instrument! You can find them here.
  • If my rental is delivered, do I need to tip the driver?"
    The drivers tip is already included in the price of delivery. We do require a signature, so you need to be there when the driver arrives. But you will not need to give them anything but a smile!
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