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Roland Huthmaker- Our Founder and everyones 

favorite violinist.  Mr. Huthmaker does all or the certifications,

appraisals and some of the high-end restoration. He is an expert 

on bowed string instruments and bows. When he is not setting

up fine violins, you can find him dreaming of golf courses, fishing

boats, and Braves games. 

Bachelors of Music- Violin Performance, Masters of Music- 

Violin Performance, Doctoral work (ABD) - Violin Performance

Fifteen years of study at University of New Hampshire Violin and Bow

Restoration Program and the University of Massachusetts Violin

Repair Program

Dixie Huthmaker- Also our Founder and everyone's

favorite everything.  Dixie is the center of it all and does 

marketing, advertising, book-keeping, and general 

staff-mothering. She is also our early-childhood 

expert and taught the very first Suzuki class in Atlanta.

When she is not working at Huthmakers you can find her writing,

studying and working on the Huthmaker Violin web-sites.

Bachelors of Music Education, Masters of Music Education,

Three years of study at University of New Hampshire Violin and Bow

Restoration Program and the University of Massachusetts Violin

Repair Program

Anna Huthmaker- The Daughter and the Bow Queen.  Anna

does all of the Bow repair and restoration and is the co-founder

of Luthiers Without Borders, USA.  When she is not working at 

Huthmakers, you can find her hiking, traveling and working at one of 

the non-profits that she holds dear. 

Bachelors of Music-'Cello Performance, Masters of Music-Double

Bass Performance. 9 years of study in Bow restoration and making at the 

University of New Hampshire Violin and Bow Restoration Program

and various bow workshops

Jonathan Simon- A graduate of the Red Wing Instrument Restoration

Program, Jonathan is a cellist and new dad. He is one of the friendliest

folks you will ever meet and heads up both the School Repair  department 

at Huthmakers and the Bass/Cello Workshop.  When he is not working at

Huthmakers, you will find him enjoying married life with his new wife Rebecca 

and his daugter, Lucy. 

Francisco Melo- An award-winning violin maker from Mexico, Francisco has

a diploma from the Cremonese Violin Making School.  He is an expert in high-

end restoration and his work is highly sought after across the country. He also 

teaches violin making to aspiring artists. 














Derek Schmidt-  A graduate of the Red Wing Instrument Restoration

Program, Derek is a violinist and heads up the Rental Department at

Huthmaker Violins.  Derek also has a certificate in guitar making and repair

and when he is not working at Huthmakers, you can find him kicked

back playing blues guitar on his deck.  






Donna Clegg- Donna is a violist who came to the instrument in her 50's

and has gone on to study music all over the country.  She has played in 

many symphonies and is an accomplished free-lance musician. 

When she is not working at Huthmakers, she can be found volunteering

for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and traveling with her viola. 









Dana Ballard-  Dana is a retired public school orchestra teacher and, in 2001,

was named Gwinnett County High School Teacher of the Year and

Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year.
Dana holds Bachelors and Masters performance degrees on cello and has

performed with numerous regional symphonies. In her spare time,

you’ll find her enjoying being Nana to her two grandchildren.

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