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Two Types of Rental Plans

Huthmaker Violins has two kinds of rental plans.  Choose the one that works best for you!

Rent Only


The most economical option, this is a simple rental plan. 


You do not accrue any credit towards purchase, and after the initial two-month payment, the contract goes month-to-month. 


You can return the instrument at any time.  

You can switch to our "Rent-to-Own" plan at any time.



Rent to Purchase

The best use of your investment, this plan allows you to accrue credit towards owning the instrument

100% of your rent goes towards purchase of the instrument

If you change instrument sizes during the rental period, your rental credit follows the contract.  

You can end the contract at any time, and we will freeze your existing credit for five years*

(credit cannot be transferred outside of the family and must be used for the same type of instrument)

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